The German

We bought our German Shepherd right before we moved to Guatemala.

Sammy at 5 weeks

As far as life choices go, most would say this was a really bad idea.

I think they (Not sure who "they" are) say that moving is a big life change. Well, we moved to another country and left everything behind.

Everything, that is, except for our three dogs.

Reader: That's just stupid.

That's right. It is stupid. We had two before, and just three months before moving to another world, we bought a German Shepherd.

Sammy at about 2 1/2 months

Fun Fact #1: I like to return my dogs. It's true. I bought my Chihuahua, whom I lovingly named, Beyonce, at a pet store in College Station, Texas. I went in one day with my dad's credit card. (I was a spoiled college kid. Actually I wasn't. Turned out, I had to repay everything on that credit card. The credit card was not even in my name. I'm not sure why people were ok with an 19 year old girl handing over a credit card with the name Bill on it.) I went in only to pet the puppies.

Fun Fact #2: I got bit in the face by a black lab when I was little. I was on the news for it. I hated dogs ever since. They had to put the dog to sleep because it was the second time it had bitten a child. Sad. However, this dog did a number on me. After the bite, when I would play outside, I used to plan my escape if a dog happened to run up to me. I was constantly looking for mailboxes or trees to climb.

Fun Fact #3: I also always ran and hid behind my parent's air conditioner unit in the side yard if a car drove by. I always thought I would be stollen. I remember the ice cream truck going around our street twice, and I just knew, he was coming after me. I think I watched a Twilight Zone when I was little and became a bit paranoid.

Back to Fun Fact #1: So, I like to return my dogs. I bought Beyonce, (I was pressured by the pet store worker to name her Beyonce or Prada. I chose Beyonce. Why I bowed to this pear pressure, I will never know, but my little lady has lived up to the name. She is a brat. (I want to use another word here, but I am a missionary, so I will use brat.) And she has a big booty.) That night that I got her, she had diarrhea and rolled around in it. (This might be because I fed her rice for dinner..)

The next day, I took her back to the pet store and returned her. The guy looked at me like I was crazy, but gave me half of my money back. (I was ok with this because it was not my credit card.)

I went to Dallas for the weekend and missed that little puppy the entire time. On Sunday, I arrived back at the pet store. The owner looked at me like I was nuts. I bought her back for full price. (Yes, that is right. I lost $150 in this process. I was stupid. I was in college, and it was not my money.)

I now own a 9 year old Chihuahua named Beyonce who barks like a mad woman anytime someone enters the room.

Fun Fact #4: We adopted Bailey (our second dog) when I saw her outside of Petsmart. I drove home, and told John to get in the car because we were getting this dog. He said no. I said yes. He said I was crazy. I said a cuss word, (Once again, I am a missionary, so I will not use it here.) and told him he had to come. He rolled his eyes, but got in the car because he has learned that sometimes it is easier to just appease me. He fell in love with Bailey right away. She had fleas. I really wanted to return her, but John would not let me.  We kept her. She is our favorite dog, but we don't tell the other two that.

OK, back to my riveting story about the German. As you can see from the above, I like to return my dogs. This changed when we got Sammy. Even though our parents thought we were crazy for getting a third (BIG A) dog right before we changed our entire lives, we actually knew it was the right decision.

Sammy at 5 months

We did not buy Sammy because she was a cute little puppy (which I clearly have a weakness for). We bought Sammy because we wanted protection.

She is our guard dog. She is huge. She is scary, and when she barks, she sounds like a monster.

Guatemalan people are terrified of big dogs. They do not like them, and they know to watch out for German Shepherds. When we walk her, people in our neighborhood take a step back. When the man in charge of our house came by, (I'm pretty sure he was stoned) he saw Sammy and jumped back while asking if she was a biter. We said that she was in fact a biter and to be careful. He does not come by anymore.
Sammy at 6 1/2 months

Reader: Sarah, what is your point in this story? We get you are weird, but let's get to the end of this. Why did you decide to write about your dogs...again?

Well, John was gone today. There was no car in the driveway. Jackson and I were home alone. (Not a big deal in the States, but a bit scary where we live.) Sammy started barking like crazy. Like, going nuts. I looked out the peep hole and saw a man standing under our porch, digging through our trash.

There was something so nice about knowing that he knew that if he came into our house, he would be eaten.
Sammy Now. She could eat you.

That's all. This post has nothing to do with oils. Although, you should still buy them for your dogs because they are great for pets.

I just wanted to post a shout out to my girl Sammy. Girl, you know we love you. Keep at it! (Said in a gangsta like way.)