Visitors From Afar

We had two wonderful women come to town this weekend.

They were from a far away, magical land, called Texas.

They came to hang out with us and do medical work at the farm. 

I was excited for them to come, but had no idea how much fun I would have. 

Not only did they do some awesome work helping out the locals in La Arenera, but they were also sarcastic (my native language), funny, kind, generous (super), and just downright enjoyable.

Our first stop, when they arrived, was Antigua.

(Not the island. We had multiple people think we were going to language school on Antigua the island when we were raising support. I wish.)

(If stray dogs, pickpocketers, grungy Europeans that don't wear shoes or bathe, and guns are running the island of Antigua, I would have understood the mistake, but alas, I believe that the island of Antigua is filled with pina coladas and beaches.)

(I have a love/hate relationship with Antigua because while it is beautiful, it is also where we spent three months in language school, and I hated language school.)

Anyways, we wanted them to do something touristy, so we took them to Antigua for some good food, shopping and sight-seeing. 

(Don't judge me for my French Toast and Bacon. I don't start my weight loss program until we get back from the city.)

Next, we went to a children's halloween party at a local school for Christian missionaries cause who doesn't want to see 500 Elsa's running around a highly secured barbed wired compound in Guatemala?

A little bit of of America mixed with little bit of fear.

(I heard about the drinking game for Halloween this year. If you see an Elsa, you take a drink. I would have been wasted at a Christian missionary Halloween party.)

We drove 3 hours home the next morning and started work at the farm at 12. 

It was a success. 

We had about 35 different people come with all kinds of medical issues.

I was amazed at how much Spanish Catherine and Olivia knew.

I was also shamed.

They took French in high school...

After seeing a lot of people at the farm, we decided to treat them to some of the amazing food that Guatemala has to offer, so we took them to Burger King.

Burger King is a delicacy here. 

To end on a good note Sunday night, we played Minute to Win It games with all of the teenagers.

It was super fun and filled with mayonnaise, cookies, and ping pong ball games.

Monday we saw more people at the farm and then headed back to the City.

We ate pizza, went to bed, and they left this morning.

It was a fabulous trip with amazing people who were overly generous.

We are forever grateful that they took the time and the money to come and see us and serve the people we love.

Oils were not involved in the making of this weekend, (always sad) but that is ok.

Not every day can be perfect.