Weight Loss Update


Let's just talk about my diet/exercise plan for a bit.

I hate it. 


I also love it.

I have made some amazing protein drinks since I started losing all of the stupid fat that I ignorantly gained over the last 8 years of my life. 

I have learned some great recipes because it is like all I freaking drink/eat anymore. 

They get really boring so I have been spicing them up with some Nutmeg oil, Orange oil or blueberries.

I guess I am joining all of the healthy people of the world by drinking protein drinks.

Remind me next time I want to gain all of my weight back by eating through the great state of Texas that it is a life sucking miserable experience to go on a diet/exercise plan.

I keep thinking, how do skinny people do it?!

Well, they don't get fat to begin with.

It's much easier to stay skinny once you are already skinny.

It is an absolute biotch to get skinny when you are already fat.

I digress.

I have been doing my Jilian Michaels DVD "Ripped In 30" and it is amazing and horrible all at the same time.

She yells too much, and she also growls at the people doing her video with her. 

I find this to be super weird.

However, every time I start to think about quitting, she yells, "Now, I know you want to quit! But you cant quit! This is only 30 minutes. Stick with it!"

I cry a little (literally) , and then keep going. 

It's like she is watching me.

She knows I want to quit.

I have had some great results though.

I went from not being able to do a pushup to being able to do....8...I just tried to make sure.

Reader: I'm sorry. You just said that you have had great results...and yet...you can only do 8 pushups?

Screw you Reader. We can't all be ripped like you. Some of us are starting from flab.

Besides, I went from plank to flat on my face in week one, to being able to do 8 now.

Baby steps.

I have lost about 6 lbs. 

I'm happy about this but have sooo many more to go.

Reader: Um yea..I have seen you around lately. You definitely have a few more to go.

Oh really?! You hanging out in Guatemala?

Reader: Fine. No. I'm just assuming.

How rude!

Anyways, here is the DVD. I am on week 2 and loving/hating it.

I really think as long as I stick to it and eat well, I will actually be relatively "ripped in 30."