Coming Home

Coming Home

We are excited to let you all know that we will be moving home to Texas this December. We will be making the move on the 13th of December. This move is 3 ½ months earlier than we expected, and for that we are elated.

I know. It sounds weird to say that we are elated, and while we can’t wait to get back to Texas, we are not elated for the reasons you probably assume we are.

We are elated and excited to leave because we are no longer needed here.

We have learned over the last few years that the goal in ministry should not be to come in and save the day as the American. The goal should be to come in, help where needed, and then leave because the community you are in can sustain itself. 

When we first came down here, our goal was to help Julio and Lucki. It became clear within the first week of us living in Zacapa, that Julio and Luki would not be staying much longer. Lucki was sick, and she needed to be living 3 hours away in the City where she could receive good care from doctors.

This blew our minds because they were the sole purpose we came down to Guatemala. We had felt like God was calling us to walk alongside them. I guess we did that, but just not in the way we expected to.

During Julio and Lucki’s transition out of the ministry, It became clear why we were here. Without us being here, we are not sure that the ministry would have kept going. Not because of any awesome stuff we were doing, but because we were here to help find, hire, and transition in a new couple.

We have now hired that couple, and are planning on hiring another couple to work with them to form a team. This couple, as we said in our previous letter, is Melvin and Ruth Valle, and they are amazing. They have now been “on staff” for 2 months.

Many times, John and I have just stood off to the side and watched in amazement at all they do in this ministry. They are good. Really good. They are confident, energetic, and fun.

We realized over the last few weeks that we just aren’t needed here anymore, and that is amazing. We want the kids to bond even more with Melvin and Ruth, and with us here, we feel that we will hinder that. Melvin and Ruth simply have everything under control.

While we won't be living in Guatemala any more, we will still be overseeing the Valles for the foreseeable future. We will both be involved in the interview process for the other family that will join the Valles, as well as fundraising for all aspects of the ministry including salaries, Food Kitchen, Scholarships, Young Life, Awanas, and other projects. John will be keeping tabs on the finances to help and assist in all budgeting, forecasting, and fundraising decisions with Melvin.

We thank you so much for your support and prayers during this time in our lives. We could not have asked for better supporters. We feel like we are ending on a high and joyful note as we walk away from this beautiful community.

To say that Sarah will cry when she says goodbye would be an understatement because we have both fallen in love with these people, but we know that we are doing the right thing, and we thank you again for your support and understanding.

Blessings to each and every one of you, and thank you again for all of your support.

And if you want to keep supporting us through the month of December as we transition back home, we wouldn’t hate that. :) 

John will be starting a job in January, but until then, we'll be reliant on support.


John, Sarah, and Jackson