I haven't been posting so much because we are moving from Guatemala to Texas, and chaos has ensued.

Well, as much chaos as possible while living in a country with nothing to do....

We are bored!

If we are not with our kids, we are at home, and right now we have no furniture, so it is hard to write posts.

All we have is our bed for the next week. 

No table makes it a bit difficult to write.


I know you guys miss me and my oil talk so much. (Stupid FDA)

I came across this today, and think it is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic. 

It gave me chills, made me cry, and filled me with joy. 

It is a work of art on a song that I have always loved, but not really loved all the lyrics to. 

These are lyrics I can jam out with!

(As much as you can possibly jam out to "Hallelujah")



Be reminded of what Christmas is all about.

They removed it from Youtube because it is copyright infringement, but you can still watch the video at the link below. It is SOOOOOOOO good.