Hands and Feet

All of my friends just left. So did John and Jackson. 

I am alone for two days.


I love my free time. It is rare. It is treasured. It is rare. Did I mention it is rare?

While I love my free time, I am sad to see everyone go.

This week was nothing short of a blessing for us, and it wasn't because I saw a bunch of men fall in love with essential oils..

This week, I literally saw the hands and feet of Jesus.

I doubt. 

I would have been doubting Thomas back in the Bible days. 

Reader: But Sarah! You are a missionary! How can you doubt?!

I know! I am so close to perfect! I have almost no faults, but I am a doubter.

I know for a fact that God exists, because if He didn't, I sure as heck would never have moved to middle of nowhere Guatemala.

But, sometimes I doubt it all, and on those days, I pray, "I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief."

My faith is then renewed, and I am reminded of all of the mighty things God has done in my life and in the live's of the people I know and love. 

This will be one of those weekends that God uses to remind me of Him. That He is, in fact, real.

This weekend, I saw the hands of Jesus working.

I saw the hands of Jesus rip out teeth that were rotting and decaying. I saw those hands taking the blood pressure of old women and young children, and then I saw those same hands folded in prayer when the blood pressure of an old woman was too high. I saw those hands working in a tiny room, with no lights and no air, filled with flies and gnats. I saw those hands wipe sweaty brows. I saw those hands wave at timid children as they entered this tiny dark room. I saw those hands work hard for 9 hours straight two days in a row.

This weekend, I saw the hands of Jesus working.

I also saw His feet. 

I saw his feet running on a soccer field in 100 degree heat. I saw them walking down a rocky path through a village filled with poverty. I saw those feet sprinting as children were taught how to play basketball and follow through on their 3 point shots. I saw those feet walk over to a boy who needed to hear that he was special. I saw those feet walk back with the boy who was smiling because he had been told he could be somebody. I saw those feet as they carried the weight of a little girl who desperately wanted to be held and have her picture taken every five minutes. I saw those feet stretch as they balanced the body of one of the men who knelt down to pay attention to my son and love him well. 

This weekend, I saw the feet of Jesus working.

So, on days when I doubt, I will look at these pictures, and I will see the hands and feet of Jesus. I will be reminded that He is real. He is the creator of the Universe, and He is alive and working through His people.

Here are the pictures that speak for themselves taken by the wonderful Paul Golanco at paulgoimages.com He never gets to be in the pictures because he is always taking them.