Little Homes For Your Oils

Hey Hey Hey! 

I am here today to tell you about lots of different oil case ideas.

I posted about a case I got on Amazon, and had lots of great feed back on it, so I wanted to provide some other ideas.

I feel like if y'all are like me, you want to organize your glorious liquid gold.

So, here are 10 ideas!

I just think that this one is adorable, and if I needed another one, I would definitely be buying it. This is a great and cute case for traveling with oils.

I think this looks fancy. Or regal. I don't know how portable it is though because there is no handle. Great for storing in your home if you want clean lines that you can keep out on your counter. 

Can't you just see all of your oils on display in this case? This is more for a person who wants to keep their oils out all the time. I think all the colors would look so pretty:).

If you want something for your wall, this would be a great option. It is pretty and has TONS of space for all of your oils. 

I want to hate this one because of the price, but I kind of love it. It allows you to see all over you oils well, while carrying them in a case. It holds 48 oils which is not a ton, but it seems so organized. 

I have this one and like it, but it just doesn't hold enough. It is perfect for travel though. Also available in 16 bottle size. Holds small or big bottles.

This is my baby. I mean my oil carrying case. It is fantastic! It holds over 75 oils for sure. I did find out, however, that it does not travel well. My oils were all over the place when I got them off the plane.

Hubba hubba. She's a beaut. Seriously. This is for us addicts. I want this. Three levels of storage for oils, capsules, creams, chapsticks, face creams or whatever else you want to put in here.

I actually really like this one for storing on your counter or in your drawer. It has room for a lot of oils and it is cheap!

This is another "I want to love you and leave you" all at the same time. I WANT THIS, but it is $200! Perfect if you need to save on storage. Just hang it over your door!

There you have it. Those are some of my latest finds. I looked at A LOT. There really are not a ton of options out there. Look around on Amazon. (my favorite way to shop since I live in the middle of nowhere...) Find a case to showcase your oils and make them easier for you to find. You did not buy these oils so that you could forget about them. Get your organizer and start using all of those oils!