He Rose Up

My friend Jessica posted on Facebook one day about IF: EQUIP. She talked about how much she has been loving it and what a difference it was making in her life. 

I clicked on the link, and fell in love also.

It is a Bible study created by some amazing women like Jen Hatmaker. 

(There are so many other amazing women that do it, but for whatever reason, her name is so easy for me to remember!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 7.10.18 AM.png

You can sign up and have the daily (Except for Saturday and Sunday) Bible study sent to your email. 

You read the scripture, answer three questions, and then watch a short video of two of the women discussing their thoughts on the scripture for the day. 

They are currently going through acts and it is soooo convicting!

It is awesome, but another thing I love about it is that it is convenient!

Check it out HERE.


Or here at IF: EQUIP

(I just posted the same link 3 times...I just really want you to check it out. :))

Anyways, one from a few days ago really got to me. 

It is part of the scripture talking about the disciples going out to all of the different places to tell people about Jesus. 

Paul is stoned and left for dead outside the city, the disciples go up to him, gather around him, and then he gets up. The next day, he is off to the next city preaching the truth.


Y'all, how weak am I? 

I have one small thing happen to me, and I am done.

Oh to have Paul's perseverance and dedication. 

To answer the three questions that the Bible study poses every day: 

God? :That God is real. If he wasn't, Paul would not have stood up after being nearly killed, and then decided to keep going. Come on. You know you would give up too. This also means that God sheds his amazing grace on me every day because I am a wimp.

You?: What does this mean about me? UGH. It means that I need to suck it up a bit more, delve into the Word of God more, and find my joy and purpose in Him instead of in the things of this world.

The World?: We all need to suck it up, get over ourselves, and seek Him.

Here is the study I did today.