Texas Forever

Oh Tim Riggins.

Fantastic show.


Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose. 

I might have watched every season of that show in a one week period...

Anyways...Today, I arrived in America.

Such a lovely country. 

I looked down as we crossed over the ocean and watched as we crossed over land. 

We were flying over beautiful Texas. 

I breathed a sigh of relief.....

...Then I just about smacked my child upside the head, but realized I was in a country now where CPS could get called.

(Side note: I would never really do this, but all you moms out there know it is tempting sometimes.)

You see, I made a rookie mistake today. 

I forgot to bring my oils on the plane with me.

Reader: Oh no. Sarah. That is really sad. How did you cope?

Honestly, I don't know. I don't know how I ever coped without these oils. 

Jackson only got for hours of sleep the night before our flight, and I hate flying.

HATE it.

This was a recipe for disaster because he also chose today as the day to NOT want to watch any shows on his LeapPad.


This is what I needed and what would have helped. Maybe it's all mental, but I would have taken anything at that point, and honestly, I know for a fact that it would have worked.

I would have used My Thieves Spray on Jackson's hands.

My Stress Away when we were taking off and landing. I HATE FLYING.

My Peace and Calming when I wanted to strangle my song.

My Lavender/Stress Away/Peace and Calming mix that I use on Jackson at night because he decided he didn't need to sleep ALL DAY.

And My Pan Away and Peppermint to rub on my neck and shoulders. 

Anyways, if i could give anyone out there any kind of advice it would be this: DONT FORGET YOUR OILS ON THE AIRPLANE!

They were under the plane in my checked bag...Sad...They were soo close.

Yet, so far.

Ok, on to other things.

On to America.

On to Tim Riggins....I mean TEXAS. 

Can I tell you what I did as soon as possible?

I ate ChickFilA.


I then almost yelled at a "homeless" man for begging on the street.

Reader: That is really rude Sarah! What did you say?

Let me explain. Guatemalan homeless people seem more legit.

I stood on the street corner once in high school with a few friends asking for money for prom dresses, and we made over $100 in like 15 minutes. So, I don't feel bad for homeless people here. Granted we were super cute in highschool, and most homeless people are not.

My mom made me give that money to charity...

Anyways,I almost yelled, "You aren't really poor! You might be poor here, but based on the rest of the world you are rich!!"

I realized this would be rude, so I didn't...

(Oh. I will definitely give money to homeless people who are missing arms or legs.)

I ate Pei Wei and cookie cake and didn't worry at all about a parasite!

I drank LaCroix Grapefruit carbonated water. Be still my soul.

Finally, I gave Jackson a bath with FAUCET WATER!


America: We are blessed.

Texas: We are blessed. Seriously. Tim Riggins really does live in Texas. After filming Friday Night Lights he decided he loved Texas so much, he bought a house. I have only stalked him twice and had a restraining order put on me once.

I am so glad to be home in the good ol USofA. 

Just one more...for good measure.