Best Deals On Amazon

I have recently been told by my wonderful husband, that I cannot spend anymore money on Amazon. 

I think I have a problem. 

I love Amazon. 


Online shopping is the best. 

So, I decided to make a, "If I could, I would.." list. 

(Also, I don't want anyone to buy me anything. I just realized that this could sound like a pity party. I am getting a gift card this month from someone, so don't go feeling all bad for me. I will be buying this stuff at some point. Probably before I get the gift card because I have a problem..)

Jackson is currently obsessed with Doc McStuffins, but I don't want to give him a pink and purple Dr's case for him. I love that they made a boy version with Stuffy's face all over it.

These are stinking amazing leggings. I got two pairs at Dillards, and I am super excited that I can order them on Amazon!

Um this is just the cutest little travel case for oils that I have ever seen. It's so cheap to! I don't think you can ever have enough travel cases for your oils. I mean, don't we all want to redecorate every now and then? Why not redecorate your carrying cases for your precious liquid?

My mom has this one, and it is fantastic. I want it because it was awesome to just stare at for hours while it changed colors. Very captivating. Also, it is a fantastic diffuser, so that's an added bonus.

Why buy just the shorter leggings when you can also get the long ones?! These are just fantastic.

These dog bones are AMAZING. They last forever. They are elk antlers that naturally fall off the elk (no elk harmed) and they have bone marrow inside. Dog's love this and chew like crazy to get the bone marrow, but the elk antler ends up lasting forever. Great investment.

So, this is old school, but this is my favorite cologne ever. I love when my husband wears this, and he is almost out of this, which makes me super sad. 

Um. She is my favorite author in the world, and she has a new book out. I want this book, but alas, I have no kindle. I must buy one. I am adding that to my mental list.

These are not necessarily the best deals on Amazon for everyone, but they are great deals from my perspective because they can be shipped to my house, (In Texas. We don't even have an address here.) , and they have amazing prices. Especially if you have Prime with Amazon. All of your shipping is free (And family can take advantage of that because we have Prime because my in-laws have prime. So shipping is free for us.).  

Here is the link if you want to sign up for Prime! You get all kinds of free movies and shows, plus all of the free shipping. It's a free trial!