Kisses From Katie

We do a lot here that I love, but for the most part, there are many days where I feel helpless. 

My spanish is not good enough to really dig deep with the kids. 

I feel like we have a lot of surface level chats, and while I know it is important that we are here, that we are making it known to them that we love them in the name of the Lord, I still feel like I fall short on the mission field. (And in grammar on?)

One reason might be that they have all been evangelized, and are already growing in the Lord, but a big part is my inability to dig deep with them. 

However, I know I am supposed to be here.

I still remember the day I said yes to the Lord.

Not my salvation, but the day I agreed with God to come here.

I "put my yes on the table" when I finished reading a blog post by Katie of "Kisses From Katie." (

(Freaking fantastic book if you are at all interested in being a decent person. Seriously, you don't have to be a Christian. It's just a good book.)

I don't even remember the post I was reading, but the gist of her life is that she moved to Uganda, with the Lord's urging, and started a ministry for children. 

She serves them with food, care, and love. 

She adopts them. 


She is single.

She lives in Uganda by herself.

And, she has adopted 13 girls.

She lives alone with them.

She literally died to herself in order to live for Christ with these children in Uganda.

I remember reading some amazing story on her blog about going out and bandaging up wounds and nursing kids back to health in the middle of nowhere, and then coming home to her house of 13 girls who call her mom.

I thought, "Well crap. If she can do that by herself. I can surely go to Guatemala with John. OK God. I'll go."

(It was probably deeper than that, but that's usually the way I think my thoughts, so there you go.)

I loved the thought of physically helping and envisioned myself bandaging up wounds. 

I don't know why I thought this would happen because I have no medical background whatsoever, but it was a dream.

I remember our second week here during Awanas. A little girl named Joseline cut her wrist, and I ran to the car and bandaged her up. (with no gloves...stupid) She gave me the biggest smile and soon became my shadow. 


Months later, precious Ilsie was just about dying from an incredibly high fever and rash all over her body, but desperately wanted to come to Awanas, so she had her sister bring her over. We sat her in a chair, and as she began to fall off it, I picked her up and carried her almost lifeless body home. 

                  The day I carried her home and just a few days later. Praise God!

                  The day I carried her home and just a few days later. Praise God!

Those were the only two times I was able to help anyone physically, and let's all say what we are thinking, it wasn't much.

Until recently. 

These oils have allowed me to help, and I love it. 

In the last few months, I have been able to help people here with all kinds of stuff. (Can't give specifics because the FDA won't let me)


Weeks ago, Patty was complaining of an issue in her knee. I made her a concoction of Pan Away, Peppermint, Copaiba and Valor. She came up to me yesterday and asked if she could buy some because it was one of the only things that helped her. (I gave it to her for 20% off..... I KID! I KID! I gave her a bottle to take home with her.)

Besides using these oils on my family here (which has been a gift from God), I have been blessed beyond belief to use them in ministry.

They work, and I love that I can help these precious kids who do not have access to good medical care. 

I might not be anywhere close to Kisses From Katie, but God is using me. He is using me in little ways, and I am grateful that he is now allowing me to love these kids through essential oils. 

I have learned the phrase, "Tengo aceite para ti que le ayudara con eso." and I say it often.