A Visit To Texas

Three days ago my Grandma was supposed to have a minor heart surgery, but when they got in there, they found out that she needed a quadruple by-pass surgery. 

My Grandma and I are very very close. I adore this woman, and so when my dad called two days ago and told me what was happening, I looked at John and said, "I want to go home."

He being the amazing man that he is, went into the other room, and changed my flight. 

(We were already planning on coming home in 3 weeks for a visit.)

It cost $6.20 to change mine and Jackson's flight. AMAZING.

So, I flew home yesterday right as she was going in for her surgery. 

I arrived right before she got out of surgery. 

Yesterday, they "woke her up," and today, they are going to take the ventilator off. 

It has been a struggle to get her off the ventilator, so please pray with us that they get her off of it. 

As you might know, we are missionaries in Guatemala, my desire is to serve the people of Guatemala, but for now, I feel like God wants me here to serve my family. 

They are going to have to deal with my cooking for the next few weeks.

(Thank goodness oils make everything taste better!!!)

Anyways, I write this asking for prayers, but also to let you know why I am a bit MIA. 

 Thank you for your prayers!!!