First Day

My baby went off to his first day of "school" today. 

He is three.

I know parents start them at Mother's Day Out even earlier than that, but to me, this was huge.

Today was his first day of school.

Today was my first day of freedom.

Today was my first time to trust him with a complete stranger (for the most part.)

I can't tell you how often I thought about this time while we were living in Guatemala.

I was with Jackson 24/7 in Guatemala.

We didn't have babysitters. 

We didn't have a church nursery to drop him off at.

We didn't have family near by.

He was with us all the time.

So, I would dream about the time that I could drop him off somewhere and have some free time to myself.

Today, I did it. 

Today I dropped him off at a local Church's Mother's Day Out program, and the second we stepped into the door, I was greeted by so many people I knew.

A guy who had come on one of the mission trips down to see us said to his kid,  "This is Jackson! He used to live in Guatemala. He is so cool. You have to be his friend. He is new here." 

He said this to his pretty little girl, and Jackson immediately blushed. 

I haven't heard from them, so I assume he had a great time and hopefully didn't flirt too much.

Before we got in the car this morning, he looked at me and said, "Am I going to this because you need a break from me?"

He said it in such a sad soft voice, that I almost teared up.

"No!" I said. "I am so excited for you to make new friends and learn about Jesus and have fun!"

"Ok." He said back.

(Clearly he is listening to everything that John and I talk about.)

I really meant it though. Yes, I want a break, but more importantly, I am so excited for him to be taught about Jesus by another person. 

I want everyone around him to tell him about God's awesomeness. 

I want him to hear from everyone about how mighty and wonderful our Lord is.

So, yes, I wanted my freedom (So do you. Don't lie!), but more than that, I want my baby boy to hear about God's love from everyone around him.

I am so grateful that I have the ability to send him to a place that is going to teach him the truth of God. 

Here is a little video of us talking about getting ready for the first day. 

I think he's cute, but I am clearly bias.

One last thing.

I saw how easy it was to get caught up in the "My kid needs the best stuff." attitude when it comes to getting them ready for school.

I wanted to desperately get him a backpack and nap mat with his name embroidered on it, but he had a perfectly good backpack already. 

Those nap sacks are freaking expensive, so I got him a cheap ninja turtles one.

It's not like he is actually going to nap anyways...

Here is the stuff I got him.

He loves his monkey lunch box! Super cheap too. Although, I guess, a brown paper bag is cheaper.., but this insulates!

He is currently obsessed with the ninja turtles so I thought a ninja turtle sleeping bag was perfect for going to school.

He got a camo backpack just like this for Christmas. It might not be embroidered, but I wrote his name in black ink:)

Oh, and don't get me started on peanut allergy free lunches.

All he eats is peanut butter! 

I put popcorn, a fruit candy, bacon, and cheese in his lunch...


Clearly I need to work on what I pack for him.