Heavy Heart

Our pastor, Matt Chandler, preached on the sanctity of life on Sunday.

It was freaking fantastic.

The way that he laid out the facts, made it literally impossible to argue in favor of abortion.

Scientifically, it just isn't is crazy.

Science has proven that abortion is murder. 

Religious beliefs aside, it's scientifically proven that it is murder.

(I still completely feel for people who have to made decisions like this. I cannot begin to imagine what being a position to make this decision must feel like, and I have the utmost respect for single moms and young moms.)

He then went on to talk about how as believers, we cannot just say, "Don't have an abortion!!" and then not do anything to help.

There are so many ways to help.

You can volunteer at all kinds of places like women's shelters, pregnancy centers, and even adoption places.

You can be a baby sitter for foster parents (you actually have to go through a program to do this. They can't just leave their foster kids with anyone when they want to go out on a date.)

You can be a foster parent and love some children for a certain period of time until their parents are able to take them back.

You can Foster to Adopt and end up keeping the child as yours. This can be difficult because often times, the child goes back to their parents. It can also be awesome because you can become their forever family through a beautiful process.

You can infant adopt and have a mother pick your family to be her child's family.

You can adopt internationally which is a beautiful process but also super hard and expensive. (Just don't want to sugar coat it. Adoption is hard!!! (at least that's what people tell me.))

You can adopt a child with needs. This to me is amazing. I don't know that I could do it. I think that people who do it are amazing, selfless, and strong. 

Anyways, we feel called to do something, and now it is time for us to decide what that is. 

I used to work at a crisis pregnancy center.

It was amazing.

If you are looking for a place to volunteer and meet women who are making the biggest most difficult decision of their life, google Crisis Pregnancy Center and get involved!  (Thrive Women's Clinic, Downtown Pregnancy Center, and Prestonwood Pregnancy Center are three great ones in Dallas)

Anyways, if there is any doubt in your mind on if abortion is wrong or right, just watch this. It will only take a few minutes of your time and is extremely interesting.