Echo Prayer And Why I Love It

My two main goals in life are to have a strong prayer life and a fantastic time in the Word of God every day.

One is getting much better, and one is still lacking in a major way.

My lovely, hot, smart, talented, kind, and compassionate husband recently introduced me to the app "Echo Prayer," and I have fallen more in love every day.

(With him and the App)

(I mean, look at that face!)


(Also, look at the face of the App!)


(Is that weird to say about a prayer app?)

Reader: Yes. And why are you putting everything in parentheses? 

Because silly Reader. These are my side thoughts!

Reader: Well, with as many A.D.D side thoughts as you have, you should put everything in parentheses. 


Let's get back to the point at hand.

I started using this app a few weeks ago, and it has been life changing.

The best part about it?

It's FREE! 

Do you ever find yourself telling people, "Oh, I'll be praying for that!" Or "I'm praying for you!" and then you forget to pray?

I do that all the time, and I hate that about myself. 

This allows me to keep that promise and keep people in my prayers. 

Let me tell you some of the things that you can do with this App.

List Your Prayers and have them in a nice organized list that can be changed:

The first part about this is that you can list all of your prayers out and then write details about each specific prayer request.

So, if you click on one of the prayer requests above, you can add details and specifics to each prayer. This reminds you how you want to be praying.

Mark Answered Prayers:

As prayers are answered, you can mark them as answered and they will go into the answered prayers category. 

How often do we see our prayers answered and forget to praise the Lord for that answered prayer? 


Now we can be reminded to praise the Lord in our answered prayers!

Prayer Timer:

I love this. 

Say you want to pray for 10 minutes, and you want to cover all of your prayers.

You set the timer for 10 minutes, and based on the number of prayers you have to pray through, it will rotate through your prayer list in the 10 minutes that you are praying! Amazing!

Prayer Reminders:

This has been the best part for me so far.

You can set reminders for each prayer.

Your phone will send you a message based on the time you set your reminder. 

I have reminders going off every hour of the day to pray for different things.

It is great at keeping my conversations with God going throughout the day.

So, there you have it! 

This app is awesome, and free. 

I highly recommend it!!

A sexy app that brings your closer to God.

Does it get any better?

Reader: You are sooo weird.

You love it Reader.